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Are you prepared to fend against hackers with complex and sneaky tactics? You need comprehensive security measures in place to protect against cybercriminals looking to steal sensitive data and wreak havoc on your company in terms of: Loss of customer trust Unexpected hardware crashes and/or slow performance Legal liabilities due to data theft Keneticglobaltech Technical Services takes security seriously as an integral part of the checklist our network administrators go through with each and every one of our clients. We make sure to provide all of the comprehensive security measures you need to stay safe, including the following: Managed anti-virus/anti-spyware to detect and eliminate all types of threats that would otherwise infect your systems. Spam filtering that lets you feel safe against frustrating and malicious spam targeting your inbox. Managed firewall/VPN to ensure secure access to the wireless network through filtering all traffic and safeguarding communications. Managed business continuity that keeps all of your information backed up and ready to recover in a moment’s notice. Proactive system checks to monitor and ensure you have no areas of risk and exposure, settings/configurations are correct, best practices are followed, and systems are routinely tested to ensure a secure environment. You’ve seen the news and read the headlines: businesses of all types and sizes are struggling in the aftermath of attacks. You don’t want to be next. We know in today’s day and age, it’s integral to have comprehensive security measures in place. Call Kenticglobaltech Technical Services at (905) 782-7075 or email us at sales@kgtlive.com immediately to schedule an introductory security review before it’s too late.
harddriveKeneticglobaltech knows you need your information technology to function at peak performance around-the-clock. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping your IT running smoothly so you can focus on getting work done. Our managed IT services give our clients the best results in the industry due to our ability to: Reduce issues Lessen exposure to risks Increase network stability Enhance security Maintain business continuity How do we do this? We’re extremely process-driven – making sure nothing is ever missed as our network administrators go through an entire checklist to make sure all best practices are met. Our managed IT services are designed for businesses who truly want to maximize their investment in information technology. Keneticglobaltech IT Solutions plan gives you everything you need to operate more efficiently while saving money: Around-the-clock monitoring and regular maintenance to detect and resolve issues before downtime occurs. Responsive remote support via phone, email, or online so all issues are addressed immediately. Knowledgeable onsite support from technicians who are able to resolve issues properly the first time around. A flat-rate monthly fee that allows you to budget accurately without surprise or hidden costs. Strategic technology planning that lets you align your information technology with your goals and objectives. Keneticglobaltech IT Solutions Cloud plan gives you everything that’s included in Keneticglobaltech IT Solutions, plus cloud services that: Eliminate the cost and hassle of purchasing/maintaining in-house equipment. Utilize industry-leading technology for the most efficient and reliable access Maintain standards and best practices for a highly secure environment Contact Keneticglobaltech Technical Services at (905) 782-7075 or email us at sales@kgtlive.com to Book your Managed Services Review.
image5Business Continuity From malware that infects your systems and takes them down to natural disasters that destroy onsite equipment to human errors that result in a loss of important data, there’s tons of threats you need to be prepared to face. When disaster strikes, whether it’s minor or major, you must have a business continuity plan in place, in order to make sure you’re able to recover. Click Here to See How It Works Recent studies found only 51% of small businesses have a business continuity plan in place, which means 49% of small businesses will face the costly and stressful aftermath of disaster at some point in time: Loss of customer trust Serious reputational damage Loss of business opportunities Wasted payroll dollars Keneticglobaltech Technical Services knows you simply can’t afford the costly and stressful aftermath of disaster, which is why we focus on creating a business continuity plan that ensures quick and simple recovery through: Image-based backups to an onsite appliance for the quickest possible recovery when necessary. Image-based backups to an offsite appliance at a secure data center for continuity when onsite equipment is damaged. Server virtualization to maintain access to data and applications in the event of disaster. Keneticglobaltech Technical Services at (905)7827075 or email us at sales@kgtlive.com.com to find out more about how we keep you up and running, no matter what type of disaster comes your way.
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macbook-laptopYou want to leverage information technology in a way that promotes growth and success while helping you maintain a competitive advantage. We get that. In today’s day and age, a Our business model is vital to ensuring you’re leveraging the right solutions with sound business cases behind them. Ultimately, Our business model needs to embrace innovation – helping you maximize the value of your investment in information technology. In order to help you address challenges, meet goals, and stay ahead of game changing technologies on the market. Our Specialize IT services give you everything you need to maximize the value of your investment in information technology as we: Give you a main point of contact who will be familiar with your company, the challenges you face, the systems you use, and the goals you’ve set, so you’re always in good hands. Create a strategic technology plan that prioritizes goals and objectives and gives you recommendations regarding the solutions needed to meet those goals and objectives. Maintain constant communication on all activity you need to know about – from the status of support tickets to the health of your network and everything in between.
slider2Hold annual technology reviews wherein we talk about what’s happening in your company, such as anticipated growth, expansion, and more, in order to plan ahead.
Provide ongoing consultation as needed to help you make business decisions that will help you go from where you are – to where you want to be – without hassle. Offer assistance with budgeting in terms of short and long term expenses, in order to help you maintain better control all of your information technology costs. Keneticglobaltech Technical Services is your trusted choice when it comes to finding the best professional IT Solution services in Toronto. Contact us at (905) 782-7075 or email us at sales@kgtlive.com now.

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